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Replace the insulation in your attic for a warmer house

Depending on the type of insulation you have in your roof, there may come a time when you need to replace the old lining you have. Effective insulation in your attic and other wall cavities can result in considerable savings when it comes to your heating and cooling costs. Call our professionals for a thorough inspection; we can replace any insulation that has lost its effectiveness.

Heed any warnings from rodents

When you notice pests like house mice, roof rats or any other wildlife scurrying near your home, be sure to take a look inside your attic and make sure you don't have some unwanted visitors! Rodents love making warm, isolated, and dirty places their home, and they can nest inside your attic or crawl space to reproduce faster than you can imagine. Let our trained specialists take care of any rodent problem quickly and for a reasonable price before the situation gets out of hand.

Putting things back in storage? Clean it first

When our team has finished cleaning your attic and it's time to put things back, take the opportunity to clean everything first. It makes no sense to clean a space and then put things that are dirty back in it. Dust and polish items from the attic that need it, and if you have rugs, make sure they are cleaned too. Dust off all boxes and any other belongings before putting them back in your newly cleaned attic.


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