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Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing Service | Attic Cleaning Mill Valley, CA

Rats Can Be A Huge Risk

Not only do rats pose a threat to your household and anything inside it, but they can carry awful diseases that will be spread by the waste they leave around as well! These health troubles are particularly a threat to children and the elderly, so getting the rats taken care of is even more pressing if either are a part of your family. As for the harm to your house itself, this includes insulation that’s torn up for nesting, gnawing on the wood and furniture, and even the risk of fire due to them chewing on cords. If you’ve noticed any signs of their presence such as droppings, gnaw marks on hard surfaces, or scampering sounds at night, it’s time to call!

We Provide Humane Rat Control

The use of pesticides to get rid of rats can be dangerous for more than the rats themselves! It can lower the quality of air in your home which may negatively affect those inside, and can also be harmful to household pets. Instead, it’s much easier and safer to allow our experts to use their specialized equipment to trap and remove the rats from your home. No harm will be done to the rats themselves or anyone else that way! It’s also the green-friendly option for dealing with your unwelcome guests.

Rat Proofing Is Available Too

Our team of experts can also help protect your home from a rat problem to begin with! Whether you’ve already dealt with an infestation and want to keep it from happening again, or want to take preemptive measures, we’ll get it taken care of in no time. We’ll scour your home for any potential entrances inside, finding the spots you might otherwise miss due to them being small. Once they’re all found, we’ll then cover them with strong steel wool that the rodents will be unable to chew through.

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